Dear Mr. Trump,
My wife Rosa and I (happy together for over 40 years) are both refugees from Poland, for 34 years living in USA, proud we can call ourselves citizens of this most wonderful country in the world. We are so grateful to you, Mr. Trump, and so thrilled that our beloved second homeland will have a President who will bring it back its greatness.
We know though that you need, Mr. Trump, some people to assist you, people who would share your vision and offer you their proper knowledge and attitude.
My wife and I would like to offer you, Mr. Trump, everything that makes our value and that, we deeply believe, could be of great help to you, Sir, in the realization of your vision of better America.
For over 25 years psychology and related subjects is our passion - not only do we have deep knowledge in this field, but for all these years our life is full of - sometimes amazing and inspiring - examples of practical application of this knowledge (on several occasions it even saved our lives, including Rosa's successful battle with cancer without any treatment offered by conventional medicine). Our passion is to share this knowledge with others and help them successfully apply it.

This knowledge would also help you, Mr. Trump, to realize your plans effectively and without unnecessary struggle. I have to mention that these methods that combine the ancient wisdom with the most advanced scientific discoveries, within the last four decades brought results that not only are astonishing, but on at least two occasions they changed the course of history - unfortunately, almost nobody knows about it.

Mr. Trump, we would like to get in touch with you to tell you details about several amazingly effective (yet amazingly simple) methods and discuss how we can cooperate so that this knowledge can be used to your, Mr. Trump, benefit and the benefit of our country and its citizens (this knowledge would be extremely beneficial also to your children, no matter how great parents and entrepreneurs they are). It includes also teaching people out of the standard educational system, as well as equipping school teachers with a specific knowledge to help solve problems like school dropout, and prevent problems like school shooting. We would also share with you, Sir, the newest discoveries and the resulting very effective approaches when it comes to a training for school students and groups, methods teachers are not familiar with yet. We can also contribute tremendously to the effectiveness of your, Mr. Trump, attempts to help our forgotten heroes, American vets - we know how to help them heal mental scars that make their and their families' lives a horror. Our activity would also include emphasizing the importance of a strong, happy family as the basic component of every society (which you, Mr. Trump know so good and exercise this knowledge so beautifully - your children are a proof of it) and helping people to build - or rebuild - and maintain happy relationships within their families. Our dream is to do it through Happy Life Training Centers where we - Rosa and I as "happy life trainers" - and people willing to do the same could teach about the power of love and the power of human mind, helping people to successfully apply this knowledge in their lives.
Helping people to use this priceless knowledge that we acquired throughout years of learning and testing on ourselves, is our passion. We used to do it in Poland over 20 years ago, making a difference in the lives of many people. Also, for years we have been trying to share for free with others this knowledge as well as our experience, through many websites we created and maintained by ourselves, investing our time and money. We have also written three books, among them "Walking on Water: There is always a way out for you" (350 pages) about the incredible power of faith and power of human mind, where the theory is backed up by true inspiring stories from our life and the lives of people we shared this knowledge with - we just need to publish them.
We can bring to the table our personality and attitude (and being for many years your big fans we know, Mr. Trump, that Rosa and I have lots in common with you, Sir): responsibility, reliability, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, high demands on ourselves and others, organization skills, skills with people, creativity, flexibility, ability to make quick and proper decisions, enthusiasm and incurable optimism, and incredible persistence and "never give up" attitude.
We have experience in developing leaders and leading an organization of over 3,500 people (back in Poland with Amway in the 90s; our direct sponsor then was Amway's legend Jim Dornan, which, by the way, was also our goal we managed to accomplish; I also was manager of Mr. Dornan's Polish Amway business and his proxy).
We are both close to retirement and we would like to spend the rest of our lives on this mission.
We would love to have a chance to talk to you personally, Sir, preferably during a direct face-to-face meeting.
Respectfully yours.
Witold Wolkowski with my wife Rosa
I attach a text of another message

directly to Mr. Trump supporters

My wife Rosa and I would like to thank you and are pleased that you indorsed Mr. Trump for President of the United States of America. It shows that you really care.
I strongly believe you would sincerely like to make some changes in our country America, which is our home. You endorse Trump, because you see he has a vision from a business point of view how to help our country and American people. You can contribute to turning this vision into reality, but you must respond to me immediately after you read this information.
The present government created a disaster in our country - we agree on that and are aware of. But I am not sure if you are aware of details on how our human mind works, and this is really crucial to make people aware of these principles if we want to successfully solve many issues that affect all of us and to prevent many tragedies.
We must all realize that various issues that recently make many Americans so agitated are based on fear. Fear stops human ability to think logically about anything, the logic simply gets completely disconnected. That's why we presently have so much of violence in our country, because people on both the sides of the problem don't realize it. The highest peak of the problem we see very often now on our streets when suspects - sometimes even innocent - get shot by police officers. As a result of it, citizens go against police force.
Now, it comes the key reason why some policemen in a critical moment shoot suspects. Because fear of a policeman activating his or her instinct to protect their life, even if they are in a company of ten or more other police officers, is stronger than their ability to think logically. There is no time for logic, and the survival mechanism works faster than the reactions they are supposed to have as a result of the training they went through. And on the other side, there is a suspect who is also scared, and - what is amazing - besides his own fear he is also subconsciously affected by the fear of the police officer. It all makes the suspect really confused and panic and not comply fast enough to the police officer's order.
I Now, you can see that this is only fear against fear.
If you studied thoroughly the best psychologists on the earth, you would come up to the same conclusion I did - after over two decades of study, I can point only two who not only really understand how the human mind works, but very effectively use this knowledge to help people. These two geniuses understand this kind of situation, and they have a solution what to do.
My wife and 15 years ago became certified Silva Stress Management Instructors. We have been always studying the best people and applying the gained knowledge on ourselves, and then helping others to effectively use it. Since we are close to retirement, our desire is to spend the rest of our life teaching people - as speakers and motivators, which we used to do in Poland and really enjoyed - and through personal one-on-one consultations, which we also used to do in Poland and enjoyed even more, especially watching the positive changes in people's lives.

We know exactly what to do to help Mr. Trump before and after he becomes the President, and how to help American people with many challenging situations that can be solved or avoided pretty easily if we apply certain simple yet extremely effective rules.

The urgency of this message to you is very important, because when Mr. Trump becomes the President of our wonderful country, we, the people, citizens of the United States of America, our beloved home, must start working together to heal our country.
Based on your experience and lists of contacts, you can point right away the right persons to help establish a network of right people who will be able to work across the United States, doing a proper job we will train them to do. Helping people like parents, children, vets... helping problems like school dropout, school shooting, marriage problems, post-deployment stress... our list is very long. For years, we have hundreds and hundreds pages on the Internet, but in our circumstances that are beyond our control these pages have to be rebuilt again, which requires time and finances.
We are a Polish couple, proud we can call ourselves citizens of this most wonderful country, the United States of America. We are extremely happy together for more than 40 years. We know from our hearts that love only can heal people. We lost a few years ago job and place for living when the employer learned my wife has cancer. Our story is long. What helped my wife to become 100% cancer free was the power of love between the two of us. When we get together, we can talk more about how important love is for everybody around.